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Journal Publications

[2] Carton, A., Knowlton, K., Coutifaris, C. G. V.*, Kundro, T.*, & Boysen, A. (2021). Painting a clear picture while seeing the big picture: When and why leaders overcome the tradeoff between concreteness and scale. Academy of Management Journal.   
*Denotes equal authorship  

[3] Barsade, S. G., Coutifaris, C. G. V., & Pillemer, J. (2018). Emotional contagion in organizational life. Research in Organizational Behavior. 38, 137-151.

Selected Work In Progress

[4] Coutifaris, C. G. V. The early bird gets the culture: The jumpstarting effects of preboarding practices on newcomer socialization and performance.

[5] Coutifaris, C. G. V., Shandell, M. S., & Grant, A. M. Stunted by growth mindset: Leader growth mindset predicts escalation of commitment to employee potential.

[6] Levitt, J. S., Coutifaris, C. G. V., & Barsade, S. G. It’s time for love:  A longitudinal study of the timing and ordering of leader expressions of companionate love and anger on social worth and performance in NCAA division 1 sports teams.

[7] Coutifaris, C. G. V., & Grant, A. M. I will never ever quit the culture: How and when culture carrying predicts voluntary turnover.

[8] Coutifaris, C. G. V. Fit in or contribute to the culture? How the nature, antecedents, and consequences of culture contribution depend on the consensus and intensity about the culture.

[9] Coutifaris, C. G. V., Simon, G. M., & Grant, A. M. Chief executive golfer vs. chief executive mountaineer: The opposing roles of CEO eudaimonic and hedonic values in organizational culture and performance.

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