Journal Publications

[2] Carton, A., Knowlton, K., Coutifaris, C. G. V.*, Kundro, T.*, & Boysen, A. (in press). Painting a clear picture while seeing the big picture: When and why leaders overcome the tradeoff between concreteness and scale. Academy of Management Journal.   
*Denotes equal authorship  

[3] Barsade, S. G., Coutifaris, C. G. V., & Pillemer, J. (2018). Emotional contagion in organizational life. Research in Organizational Behavior. 38, 137-151.

Manuscripts Under Review

[4] Coutifaris, C. G. V., Shandell, M. S., & Grant, A. M. Stunted by growth mindset: A flexible view of ability predicts escalation of commitment.
(First round review, Administrative Science Quarterly)

[5] Coutifaris, C. G. V., Levitt, J. S., & Barsade, S. G. Let companionate love lead—not anger—for high performance: The role of emotional sensegiving, emotional contagion, and preferred leader results-orientation.
(First round review, Academy of Management Journal)

Selected Work In Progress

[6] Coutifaris, C. G. V. The early bird conveys the culture: The effects of preboarding practices on newcomer socialization and performance. (Preparing for submission to Administrative Science Quarterly)

[7] Coutifaris, C. G. V., & Grant, A. M. I will never ever quit the culture: How and when culture carrying predicts voluntary turnover.
(Preparing for submission to Organization Science)

[8] Coutifaris, C. G. V. Fit in or contribute to the culture? How the nature, antecedents, and consequences of culture contribution depend on the consensus and intensity about the culture.
(Preparing for submission to Academy of Management Review)

[9] Coutifaris, C. G. V., Beetz, A. M., & Grant, A. M. Chief executive golfer vs. chief executive mountaineer: The opposing roles of CEO eudaimonic and hedonic values in organizational culture and performance.
(Preparing for submission to Administrative Science Quarterly)